Arc 1


Those who can do things scientifically impossible are called supernaturals. Among those who know about them, there maybe those who fear them, those who respect them or even those who want to kill them. That however doesn’t matter to the supernatural named Kais as he has and wants no connection with anything that might be related to the world of supernaturals. However, the day he meets a particular brown-haired youth, that would change and he who has tried to run away from the truth for many years will be forced to confront it.



Chapter 1: Encounter

Chapter 2: Jack and Jill

Chapter 3: Spirit-User

Chapter 4: Objective To Kill

Chapter 5: A Story Of Death

Chapter 6: Witnessing

Chapter 7: The End Of The Night

Chapter 8: Premonition

Chapter 9: Reversal

Chapter 10: Hidden Pasts

Chapter 11: Infinite Possibilities

Chapter 12: Insanity

Chapter 13: The Third Power

Chapter 14: Lords Of The Night

Chapter 15: Dissipating Fear

Chapter 16: Chase

Chapter 17: Lie And Truth

Chapter 18: The Weakest

Chapter 19: That Village, Centuries Ago

Chapter 20: The Demon Within

Chapter 21: Villains

Chapter 22: Questions

Chapter 23: A Precious Past

Chapter 24: Archive

Chapter 25: The Continuing Deceptions

Chapter 26: Betrayal

Chapter 27: Secrets Of The Ghosts

Chapter 28: The Reason

Chapter 29: Those Who Know The Truth

Chapter 30: Calm Before The Storm

Chapter 31: Kindness

Chapter 32: Legends And Falsehood

Chapter 33: Negotiations

Chapter 34: Trust

Chapter 35: Mask

Chapter 36: Fear

Chapter 37: I’m God

Chapter 38: Motive

Chapter 39: Three Reasons

Chapter 40: Strength

Chapter 41: Reverse Time Dilation

Chapter 42: Strategy To Run, Strategy To Fight

Chapter 43: Fire

Chapter 44: Fate

Chapter 45: Being Freed

Chapter 46: Reasons – Known And Unknown

Chapter 47: What Was Told

Chapter 48: Black Hole

Chapter 49:  A Parent And A Child

Chapter 50: One Regret

Chapter 51: Endeavor

Chapter 52: Final Assessment

Chapter 53: Resolve