Arc 2: Chapter 10: Docks On Fire!

Gabriel: “Well, let me get down to business.”

With a serious attitude, Gabriel says so, glaring at Ethan to tell him to shut his mouth.

Well, I don’t mind that the troll is being shut up but I am kinda interested in why this guy is in so much of a hurry. I know he’s mostly a no-nonsense guy but still, it’s kinda noteworthy that he doesn’t even react to the fact that we played him for a fool by making him follow Ethan and Sneha and also that we have surrounded him.

Gabriel: “The Phoenix, Reid Vezalius Rosevelt, has given me the mission of bringing you all to him safe and sound.”

Ethan: “Yes, we kinda fig-”

Gabriel: “You shut up!”

He says, surprisingly calmly, and continues before Ethan can retort,

Gabriel: “However, before I fulfill my mission, I have decided to do something else.”

Ethan: “And wh-”

Gabriel: “Shut up!”

He points at Ethan as he says so again.

Kais: “And what would that be?”

I try asking the same thing Ethan was going to ask, and not-so-surprisingly, he doesn’t point at me or tell me to shut up. Well, I guess he knows at least somewhat about Ethan’s, um, personality.

Gabriel: “I want to kill some people.”

Ethan: “Well, every-”

Gabriel merely points a finger at him this time, and it works, although it does end up in the troll clicking his tongue. Still, great job, Gabriel!

Sona: “Well, everybody wants to kill some people. Who are the ones you are looking for?”

She says the exact same thing Ethan was trying to say and Gabriel merely answers after clearing his throat once,

Gabriel: “The Vampire Kingdom’s commanding forces. All who fall in their commanding positions are the targets.”

Well, that’s interesting!

Vermillion and Vampire Kingdom are definitely on the opposing sides for this war. However, what’s motivating him seems to be a bit personal.

Gabriel: “And so,”

He speaks before I can inquire him about that,

Gabriel: “Since taking them all down alone will prove to be quite troublesome, I want you all to aid me.”

There’s no humility or preaching in his behavior, he is stating it like a fact. However, one read of his aura is enough to tell me that he is serious, so serious that he is willing to disobey the Phoenix and hurt us in order to make us agree to help him.

Ethan: “Will you finally listen to me?”

He asks with an annoyed smile. While looking at that gives me a lot of satisfaction, and I’m sure the same would be the case with Sneha and Gabriel, I doubt not listening to what he has to say would be wise.

Gabriel: “Go on! I’ll have to listen to your barking sooner or later anyway.”

Gabriel folds his arms and leans to his car (which probably isn’t exactly ‘his’ car) as he looks at Ethan.

Ethan: “There are three major problems with your ‘plan’ of killing every commander in Vampire Kingdom.”

Gabriel: “Hah!”

He sighs exasperatedly. And I don’t think he is doing so intentionally to annoy Ethan or anything like that. He is probably genuinely annoyed at Ethan and everything he says, despite the fact that a lot of it is actually important.

Ethan: “First of all,”

He says with an awkward smile,

Ethan: “There are more than 40 army generals in Vampire Kingdom. Now add to that – 4 royal generals, their public leader Reid, the queen Valdis and, uh, those two assholes, we come up with a grand total of 48 people.”

That’s a hell of a lot of people. Although, ‘those two assholes’, eh? Who would he be talking about now?

Ethan: “How much time do you think would it take for merely 5 people to kill all of them? You think we have so much free time?”

His tone becomes mocking somewhere along the line but he raises a good point.

Ethan: “Second, they are all scattered throughout the world at this point. Finding them is going to take months by itself. And by the time you kill 20 of them, 10 new generals would have been made. It’s absolutely a waste of time and energy!”

He continues in a mocking tone and Gabriel doesn’t react at all as he listens to Ethan’s words; which, in all honestly, make sense.

Ethan: “Lastly, even if, by some stroke of genius or miracle, you manage to gather all of them in one place and then proceed to slaughter them, it won’t work out.”

Gabriel: “Ha!?”

Although he is the only one giving a vocal reaction, we all furrow our brows at that statement.

Vampire Kingdom doesn’t seem like it has a lot of ridiculously strong people. There definitely would be some of them but if we can defeat Walter Schmidt and Spectre Dyne even without the help of a Hellfire, it shouldn’t be that hard to defeat the Vampire Kingdom’s 48 commanders with the help of one.

Ethan: “As always, you idiots think power is the only thing that matters. Well, it’s not!”

His face becomes stiffer as he says the next words,

Ethan: “Even if you bring the entire Vermillion to help you in killing them, it still won’t work out. Everyone on our side will die! They will be victorious!”

Hearing that, all of us remain silent for a while, until,

Gabriel: “Nonsense! You are just trying to find excuses to not join me.”

He says as he steps away from his car and starts powering up his fists with Energy Manipulation.

Gabriel: “I don’t care about your reasoning for trying to not join me on this endeavor but I can’t accept it. I will make you help me, even if you lose a few bones in the process.”

Well, damn! It looks like there’s no other choice but to face him now.

I really doubt Ethan said anything he did without a proper reason but, Gabriel is not in the mood to care about that.

And so, we’ll need to fight.

Gabriel: “Now, you all-”

He gets thrown away by a punch to his gut by Sagzear, the vampire-spirit that Sona possesses. As I look at him lying at a distance,

Kais: “That probably isn’t the end of this.”

Ethan: “It definitely is not. In order to win this fight against him,”

We all know what he’s going to say, but this time we don’t need him.

Kais: “I have a plan so you shut up.”


Gabriel: “Are you serious!?”

He asks in surprise as he looks at the fact that the borders of the apartment complex I used to live in are not much further from the docks. And the reason he is only now able to see and react to it is because it used to be hidden by the high walls, the walls that have been dealt with by of a kick from Sagzear.

Gabriel: “You think I am foolish enough to let you take the fight to the docks?”

As his surprise wears off, his expression grows disappointed when he understands our strategy.

Gabriel: “Luring me there would be a stupid move!”

He remarks as he runs towards Ethan, the most vulnerable person here, probably to take him hostage. However,

Kais: “Stupid move? Please don’t forget who you are up against!”

I say as Ethan disappears.

Gabriel: “What!?”

Kais: “It’s simple teleportation, there’s no need to be so surprised.”

Gabriel: “Teleporting another person needs physical contact!”

Since I didn’t touch Ethan, I shouldn’t have been able to teleport him? That’s what he is so confused about, isn’t it?

Kais: “Correction, teleporting another person needs aural contact.”

Gabriel: “Tsk! touching a person’s aura and a person’s body is the same-”

He realizes that he is wrong as he takes a look at Sneha’s smirk.

Gabriel: “The aura-swapping ability of an Aural? Well, this might actually be a little interesting!”

Saying that, he charges his hands with ridiculous amounts of energy within a second, and prepares to release it.

Sona: “Sagzear!”

She shouts the spirit’s name and it appears as soon as she does to take the impact of his attack. The spirit is not alone though, Sneha joins the spirit on the same endeavor.

Kais: “Well, that should take care of that.”

I say as I touch Sona and teleport her to the docks too. And immediately proceed to do the same to Sneha and Sagzear.

Gabriel: “Ha!?”

Only as I do so and they both disappear does Gabriel realize that Sneha wasn’t trying to take the impact alongside Sagzear but swap her and the spirit’s aura with a point near me so I can teleport them. Since his focus was on getting a powerful hit on the two of them, his punch wasn’t in my direction but theirs, and so I remain fine even after the impact.

Gabriel: “Hah!”

He sighs as he sees all that.

Gabriel: “That wasn’t half-bad, kid. But, now that you are the only one left, what are you going to do to protect yourself?”

It’s a stupid question. Of course, I would teleport myself too, it’s so easy to teleport oneself after all. Well, that’s what I intended to do at least, before Gabriel covered the distance of over 20 meters between us within a flash,

Gabriel: “Go to hell!”



I can’t help but yell as I get thrown in the air only to land at the docks.

What the hell!? When did he get this fast!?

Kais: “That bastard is really powerful, isn’t he?”

I ask as I help myself up while keeping a hold at my stomach, where I got a punch about a couple of seconds ago.

Gabriel: “That’s true.”

Kais: “WHA-”

Before I can even realize and react to the fact that he is already behind me, I get a punch across my face throwing me at a pile of cargo.

Kais: “AAAAHHH!!!”

Shit! This is getting kinda bad.

Gabriel: “Is teleporting and talking all you can do, kid?”

He says as, once again covering the distance in a flash, tries to pounce on me with his leg. This time though, I am able to teleport myself out of the way. As his foot pounces on ground, he turns to right to look at me as I stand up as fast as I can.

Gabriel: “Was that enough to make you all change your minds about joining me?”

He asks sarcastically as he knows the answer to that question.

Kais: “Oh well,”

I say with a smirk,

Kais: “We aren’t that boring.”

It would definitely be pretty boring if we just give up and agree to him now.

What wouldn’t be boring though – would be flying. Since I can’t levitate as I have not practiced that skill much, I just run to a different pile of cargo than the one I had been thrown at and jump on it.

Gabriel: “What now!?”

He asks with a grin and soon gets his answer as he keeps his eyes fixed on me. With energy pumped into my foot, I jump off the cargo – into the air.

Gabriel: “Ha!”

With a cackle, he follows as he just jumps off the ground by the same technique I used just now and still reach me 100 meters above the ground.

Gabriel: “If this is as far as you can jump from Energy Manipulation, then I am disappointed in you.”

Hearing that, my smirk grows wider.

Kais: “If you think whatever you see is the extent of what is going on, then I am disappointed in you.”

As soon as hears that, he turns around to look at the cargo I jumped off of thrown in the air by the spirit Sagzear. And as soon as he sees that, he also sees that Sneha Stone, after having powered a lot of energy in her hands, punches the air. This punch causes so much impact that the cargo boxes break and as they were filled with gunpowder, it all explodes.

Gabriel: “Haha!”

He laughs as he sees that.

Gabriel: “I can understand that you were relaying to them to do all this and so were slow in responding to me but still, an explosion so far away from me? What point does it serve?”

Kais: “And you remain thick-headed!”

I say with a mocking tone causing him to tense up a little.

Kais: “The explosion isn’t the point, the fire is.”

Pyrokinesis is an ability I lack practice at too and so it takes me a whole 15 seconds to create good enough firepower. However, if the fire exists from before and I just have to control it, then it wouldn’t even take a second to use it to my advantage.

Kais: “Now burn!”

I yell as I swing my hands while using pyrokinesis to make the fire from the explosion attack Gabriel.

Gabriel: “Tsk!”

He clicks his tongue and then charges energy into his hand and releases a punch in the air. While he hits nothing, the reactive force causes him to fly away from the path of the fire. Too bad for him, as long as I am controlling the fire, I can make it follow him no matter where he goes. And, I do so.

Gabriel: “Damn!”

He curses whoever he does and keeps applying the same strategy as before to get away. While I make the fire pursue him, I also make sure to keep the oxygen in the air burning rapidly to make sure the fire in my possession keeps spreading.

Looking at Gabriel running away and the fire pursuing him makes it look like a god’s fury chasing after a rabbit that upset him.

Well, I wouldn’t be so presumptuous as to call myself a god but calling him a rabbit does sound pretty good.

Gabriel: “How stupid!”

He suddenly remarks and flashes a smile as he teleports himself away from where he was. He teleports himself right where I had earlier. He probably chose that place to teleport to because it is far away from fire and close to the ground. Getting a little time after getting on ground should be enough for him to come up with something to counter this fire. However,

Kais: “Whoever said my fire would take time to reach you!?”

I say as I burn the oxygen in the air to make the fire reach him within an instant, but,

Gabriel: “I wasn’t counting on that.”

He says as he puts up a psycho-barrier around him. This barrier is probably the best thing ever if you use it and the most annoying thing ever if an opponent uses it. It is just near impossible to break a psycho-barrier of a psychic who is powerful enough to create it well. That is why,

Gabriel: “Feeling lost!?”

He starts to mock me. But, this wasn’t out of my calculations.

Kais: “It’s up to you!”

I shout, not looking at anyone so he doesn’t know which of the three people I am talking to.

Therefore, he does not see an attack coming from underground, an attack by a particular mole-spirit.

Gabriel: “Shit!”

He curses as the small hands of the mole-spirit grab his leg and start pulling him down.

This is the one and only weakness of the Psycho-Barrier. While it covers a person on all sides, and on all angles, it doesn’t infiltrate solid objects. Being inside a Psycho-Barrier is like being in a perfectly spherical ball.

If you want to stand on the ground, then you’ll have to remove the lower portion of the ball which comes in between your legs and the ground.

However, in removing this portion, you also make yourself vulnerable to an attack from inside the ground.  And that is exactly what happened here.

Kais: “Feeling lost!?”

I return his earlier remark as I look at him struggling against the mole. As he hears that,

Gabriel: “How pathetic of me, isn’t it!?”

He says as he puts his hand in the hole the mole-spirit dug up and puts extreme amounts of energy in it.

Kais: “Oh … crap!”

I realize what he is trying to do, and before I can do anymore than give that remark, he does it. He tears off the ground into two parts and throws the mole-spirit, Jin, off his leg.

Gabriel: “Now you are going down, suckers!”

He charges at me as he says that. I try to get away but am not able to get much further before he closes the distances enough and hits me with a fist as hard as diamond and throws me flying past one of the two piles of cargo we were in for all this time.

Kais: “Aw shit!”

I say, falling on the ground, as I quickly start healing myself through the ability called Psychic Healing. While I do that, Sneha and Sagzear distract Gabriel, or at least try to. I can only hear the voices of them getting beaten down and cursing from back there.

And then,

Ethan: “Looks like your plan really worked out pretty well, didn’t it?!”

Kais: “Hah!”

I sigh at the sarcasm that comes from behind.

Kais: “You being grumpy about being made to look like a fool before is the last thing I need right now.”

Ethan: “Ha!”

He chuckles as he hears that.

Ethan: “Well, good news for you. I actually have a plan that might work against that monster.”

Kais: “Oh yeah? Get to it then!”


Sona: “Tsk!”

With Sneha and Sagzear both on the ground and Jin being called back by the woman standing a little further away and clicking her tongue in irritation, Gabriel has pretty much won the battle. However,

Ethan: “Hey loser!”

A voice calls out to him, a voice that annoys him greatly.

Gabriel: “Oh look, it’s the troll again!”

Ethan merely smiles at that remark as he walks up to Gabriel and asks,

Ethan: “Tell me something, why are you so dead-set on killing all those Vampire Kingdom commanders. Did they do something to you?”

Gabriel: “Tsk!”

Ethan: “No, no!”

He puts a hand to his chin as he shakes his head in denial.

Ethan: “They couldn’t have done something to YOU. It probably was someone close to you, wasn’t it?”

Gabriel: “You-”

While cutting off his words, Ethan continues with a smirk,

Ethan: “Now who could that be? By the look of things,”

He looks at Gabriel’s fingers, or more precisely, the finger that has the mark of a ring on it, as if a ring has been taken out of it recently.

Ethan: “It was your fiancée, wasn’t it? Or wait! Maybe, it was all of your in-laws too.”

Gabriel: “You bastard!”

He grabs Ethan by the collar in frustration.

Ethan: “Now if they have been attacked by some vampire and their blood had been drunk, I doubt you’d be as particular as wanting to kill the commanders of Vampire Kingdom.”

Gabriel: “Why you!?”

Ethan: “How was it!?”

Those words leave Gabriel unable to answer as he remembers the scene in his fiancée’s house, the scene that had horrified him to his core.

Ethan: “Were all the bodies tied to the ceiling? Were they all left in with different ‘designs’, some having clothes torn and others having limbs?”

Ethan’s smirk does not grow bigger, but to Gabriel, it feels more and more irritating every time he speaks.

Gabriel: “How the hell can you tell all that?”

Ethan: “…”

Gabriel: “Answer me, god damnit!”

Ethan: “It was Bronzer, wasn’t it?”


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