Arc 2: Chapter 2: Abgere

Vermillion, an organization made up of psychics and half-psychics. They supply psychics or half-psychics to places that need them, in exchange for appropriate payment of course. They are more or less like a mercenary band supplier that grew too large to be called that.

To those who don’t know of supernatural, they know this organization as a tech firm, one of the biggest tech firms in the world.

However, to those who know of supernatural, this organization is an absolute terror. They know it as the strongest force in the world. Yet, this force is not actually fighting in the war itself. They are just helping their allies in The Dragon Alliance to fight. They are supplying a few capable people to help directly but only if they are asked to, otherwise, not even that.

But why is that anyway? It’s because they have gotten multiple threat letters by some unknown party that calls themselves ‘Abgere’. Specifically, Abgere has threatened the Phoenix, which is an alias for the leader of the organization and the 10 Hellfires, who come right after him in the organization. Needless to say, these 11 people are ridiculously strong and can probably defeat this Abgere, but for a particular reason, they can’t take risks right now.

And so, today too, Gin Hanks, one of the 10 Hellfires, is spending his night relaxing in his comfortable sofa while watching television. He doesn’t really have much to worry about with 20 bodyguards in total, posted all around his ridiculously large house, to guard him.

Well, that is what he believed, at the very least.

Gin: “The hell happened here!?”

In a confused tone, Gin asks a bodyguard as he sees two of his other bodyguards lying dead on the floors of his corridor. From the hole in their heads, he could tell that their heads had been hit by something really fast, like a bullet, but not a bullet. He could also tell that they really are dead and there is no chance of recovery for them.

Bodyguard: “I don’t know, sir. Something suddenly came at us flying like a bullet. I was able to dodge but they couldn’t.”

The bodyguard replies in a panicking and shocked voice, which shows that he hasn’t snapped out of his initial surprise yet.

Gin: “It wasn’t a bullet, I can tell that much.”

With Gin’s no-bullshit face on, the bodyguard has no way to not keep talking even if he doesn’t want to. But to have shaken a real psychic so bad, Gin understands that whatever killed the two was really potent.

Bodyguard: “Yes sir, you’re right. It wasn’t a bullet. Whatever it was, it was on fire.”

Gin: “What!? Fire, that’s ridiculous.”

Gin twists his face in disbelief as he says so, to which,

Bodyguard: “No sir, I’m pretty sure there was fire on that projectile.”

Gin can’t possibly not believe him when his heartbeat shows that he is telling the truth. And the fact that he is telling the truth is all the more confusing.

It’s not that he can’t think of any way to throw a projectile really fast and have fire on it. He himself could do it too, but still, he wouldn’t. That’s because there are much more efficient ways of killing than that. The fact that the killer used such a method means that he wants to make a show of this.

Gin: “Is the bastard taking me lightly?”

He questions himself as he looks at the still shaken bodyguard looking at his two fellow’s dead bodies lying in the corridor. Then they hear footsteps approaching. The bodyguard tries to ready himself to fight because of the possibility that it could be enemies’ footsteps but Gin, having already sensed through aura-reading that they are footsteps of other bodyguards, stops him.

Gin can sense about four other bodyguards coming his way. The 20 bodyguards had all divided into six teams, with three on four teams and four on two teams. So the team that is coming there is one of the larger units, he presumes.

But before they reach their destination, they stop and turn around. Gin realizes something is wrong and starts heading towards them but just as he takes his first step, he sees one of the four who were coming there being thrown at the wall.

Gin: “What the fuck!?”

He curses the confusion inside him as he starts running towards them, and reaches them in mere two seconds. Unfortunately, within those two seconds, the person responsible for throwing that man had already fled away. And before doing that, he had made sure to take care of other three as well. This is what Gin realizes as he looks at the other three dead.

On closer inspection, he finds that these three have had their throats split by a sharp weapon, probably a regular knife, while the other one, the one that Gin saw being thrown at the wall, has had his neck broken.

Gin: “He didn’t use any abilities to kill them?”

He wonders as he sees the unbelievable sight of his dragon bodyguards killed, and four at once nonetheless.

Gin: “He is making a mockery of these guys.”

Just as he says that, he hears the noise of something hitting something else and a small groan escaping. As he turns around, he finds out that the groan came from the bodyguard who was left alive, as he has also been killed and with the same type of headshot that killed his two fellows.

Gin: “Tsk!”

He clicks his tongue and grumbles to himself as he slowly walks over to the new dead body.

For better protection, along with 9 psychics from Vermillion, 8 dragons (who were to stay in their human-form) and 3 ghosts have also been provided as bodyguards for each Hellfire. Out of those twenty, 3 psychics and 4 dragons have already been taken care of without Gin getting a clue as to what is really going on.

He has to wonder at this point what this Abgere is really capable of. Well, he doesn’t really know it is Abgere who is responsible for this attack but because of the circumstances, he is the top suspect.

Gin: “Damn!”

He says while sighing as he looks at the seventh dead bodyguard who he had just moments ago seen alive.

Gin walks towards his bedroom in the diagonal right to his corridor entrance and sees blood coming out from there.

Gin: “What the hell!?”

He shouts as he runs to the bedroom and finds three more psychic bodyguards annihilated. These three have had metal rods run through their stomach and then hanged to the ceiling.

Gin: “When did this even happened?”

Gin himself had come out of this bedroom when he heard the commotion in the corridor. Between the time he left and came back, merely five minutes would have passed. And add to that, there were no bodyguards posted in his bedroom; so the one who did this killed them, brought them here and hanged them, all in mere five minutes. And in these five minutes, he also killed those four dragons outside.

Gin: “Is this guy really working alone?”

From the intelligence given by literally every source that came up with anything on Abgere, he seemed to be working alone. But when he has done all this, Gin can’t help but have doubts. However, those doubts are meaningless as,

“Oh, I’m working alone, alright?”

Comes the voice from behind Gin causing him to turn and light the place on fire by pyrokinesis. That, however, does nothing as the owner of the voice seems to have escaped.

Gin: “What the hell … this guy … he’s …”

Panting from the adrenaline boost he had gotten when he heard a voice bold and threatening behind him, Gin keeps turning his head in all directions to keep a lookout.

Gin: “How is … he possibly … able to … do this?”

Even as he activates psycho-barrier around him and keeps a lookout with aura-reading, he can’t help but feel anxious and a bit panicked.

Gin: “Half of those bodyguards have been killed. This is ridiculous!”

Without any idea as to where he should go, all Gin can do in this situation is try to gather the remaining ten bodyguards in one place for them to have a better chance at stopping Abgere. And so he telepathically messages all of the remaining ten to assemble at the corridor. However, he finds that he can only connect to the remaining 4 dragons and 3 ghosts, not the remaining 3 psychics.

Gin: “The hell!? Have they been killed too!?”

He wonders, but his answer comes very soon, in the form of the ceiling of his living room collapsing and revealing the missing three psychic bodyguards. However, as soon as their bodies fall on the ground, their heads flies off as if it was only attached with some cheap glue.

Gin tightens his arms and looks away from the scene. He is utterly disgusted of the fact that Abgere is killing every team of bodyguards in different ways as if to show just how weak they are that he can kill them in any way he wants to.

Gin: “These people can’t do anything against this guy. I need to take care of him myself.”

Even if it’s harsh, it’s the truth that his bodyguards are able to pose no threat to the man named Abgere.


In a dark brown royal outfit complimented by a black cloak covering everything at his back and a devil mask on his face to hide it, the man known as Abgere awaits his prey.

He can hear footsteps, those footsteps that signal the arrival of the four dragon bodyguards. And as he hears them, he runs forward and jumps on the wall at his right only to hit it with a leg and let his impact take him left, towards the four dragons.

He lands right in the middle of the four and the first thing he does is punch the genitals of the two dragons in front of him, and then proceeds to put his hands on the ground and use them as support to lift his legs and give a kick at the genitals of the two behind him.

Holding their private parts, the four crouch down in pain. Abgere uses his arms more as he bends over his legs to land blows on the heads of the two previously in front of him and then uses their heads as support to grab the heads of the two in front of him now and bashes both their heads on the floor.

He then quickly steps away. What the four dragons completely failed to notice is by making sure to touch all of them with his hands, he has rubbed a little kerosene on them. All he has to do now is turn a lighter on and thrown it in the middle where his hands had touched the ground to start the fire. And he does exactly that as he runs ahead trying to find the only remaining team of bodyguards, that of the three ghosts.

He hears the shouts of pain as the four dragons behind him burn, two of them even losing control and turning back to their dragon forms. Hearing those cries of pain that he is the reason for, he stops for a moment, but then,

Abgere: “Hah!”

He takes a long sigh and,

Abgere: “Sacrifices are necessary.”

He confirms so to himself and starts running again.


Gin reaches an intersection in his house and sees on his left a fire spreading out.

Gin: “Goddamnit!!”

He yells as he uses psychokinesis to bring a fire extinguisher to himself and then uses it on the rapidly spreading flames in front of him.

Gin: “Go out! Go out!”

He keeps saying in frustration as he sprays the fire extinguisher. And then flames lower a bit, only to give the view of four half-transformed dragons’ corpses.

Gin: “Tsk!”

He clicks his tongue and tries to keep his focus on extinguishing the fire. Since there is a possibility that this fire is caused by kerosene or petrol or something like that, he can’t risk using hydrokinesis, the ability to control water, on it.

Soon enough, the flames reach the point where they can’t be called anything more than a flare and then Gin gets a look at the message Abgere left on the floor in the dragons’ blood before he left the place.


He was mocking Gin, alright? He clearly was mocking Gin. If his purpose was to make Gin’s blood boil, then he was succeeding very nicely.

Gin: “That SON OF A BITCH!!!”

He yelled on the top of his lungs and started running in the direction the message was written in, in other words, the direction Abgere went in.

Gin: “He’ll pay for doing this! He’ll pay for mocking me!”


Abgere, outside of the house that can very well be called a mansion, now faces the three ghosts assigned to guard the Hellfire named Gin Hanks.

Abgere: “Pathetic!”

He remarks as he sees the three writhing in pain from mere fire.

Abgere: “I was worried that you three might actually pose a problem but I guess it was all for nothing. You guys can’t even challenge me.”

He isn’t being self-centered or stupid in any way. He is just saying the truth. The three ghosts in front of him can’t do anything when they are feeling the pain of being burned.

Abgere: “Still though, while I’m positive you people may have done your fair share of crimes too, I can’t be sure of that. And so, I have no excuse to let you suffer like that.”

He says in a bold and unhinging voice as he puts a hand in his cloak and takes out a knife imbued with the special energy composition needed to sever a ghost’s existence. With that knife in hand, he proceeds to cut the throat of the nearest, then proceeds to the middle one and then the furthest.

And just like that, he has successfully wiped out all 20 bodyguards sent to protect Gin Hanks.

Abgere: “Now the only one left …”

He turns around slowly as he hears the voice of approaching footsteps, which obviously can only belong to one person at this point.

Abgere: “is my real target.”

He throws away the knife he had taken out earlier as there are no more ghosts left for him to kill. The only one who is left now is a psychic, albeit one of the most powerful psychics in the world.

Abgere starts building aura in his body, especially in his hands and legs.

The sound of footsteps stop as the cause of it comes in Abgere’s line of sight after stepping out of his house from the front door, only to end up straight in front of Abgere. The man named Gin, for the first time, gets a look at Abgere.

Gin: “So you are the one who did all this?”

He asks while trying to withhold his anger for the sake of the possibility that the figure in front of him might not be Abgere. But,

Abgere: “Yeah, I am. I am the one who freed all your bodyguards from the sickening job of protecting you.”

Abgere answers in a matter-of-fact tone, to which Gin tightens his fist forming fire on them.

Gin: “You messed with the wrong person, kid.”

Abgere: “HA! HA! HA!”

Abgere laughs a dry laugh and says,

Abgere: “Do I look like a kid to you?”

He says as he points to his tall figure, which is probably no less than 6’3.

Gin: “You ARE a kid.”

Gin says as the fire on his hands keeps growing bigger and had started to look like some comic book superpower.

Gin: “You know why you are a kid? It’s because only a kid would be foolish enough to do something like this?”

Gin can barely hold himself back as the fire on his hands grows so much it would have started to burn the roof if there was one above him at the time.

Abgere: “Don’t make me laugh, Gin Hanks. You are the kid here, who has come to face me even after seeing what I did to your bodyguards.”

Abgere says as he smiles, which Gin is unable to see because of the devil mask that Abgere is wearing.

Gin, now ready to attack, launches himself at Abgere who’s only 10 meters away from him.

However, before he can reach Abgere, he finds the bones in his legs cracking and he falls down to the ground.

Abgere: “That time I appeared behind you outside of your bedroom wasn’t just to give you a good scare.”

He says while casually walking forward towards the fallen Hellfire.

Abgere: “I had thrown micro-electrodes at your legs, and I just activated them. Thus, you got an electrical shock in your legs targeted at your blood vessels and the bones broke as a result of that.”

Abgere, without worrying that Gin might still be able to attack, explains his strategy to him.

Gin: “You BASTARD!”

Gin yells in frustration as he tries to use psychokinesis to hit Abgere with anything nearby that can deal him some pain, but before he is able to do that, he finds his hands being blown off in the air.

Gin: “AHH!!! GAAHH!!!”

He yells in pain as Abgere chops his hand off but even yelling isn’t allowed as dirt is thrown in his mouth.

Abgere: “I don’t want to hear your disgusting voice, you bastard.”

Abgere says while twisting his face in disgust. Gin spits the dirt thrown in his mouth and looks at Abgere with the greatest anger he has ever had towards a person and asks,

Gin: “Why the hell are you doing this!?”

Abgere: “That’s simple. I’m doing this because it’s the only way, because there’s no other way to bring Vermillion to justice than to kill the ones who have corrupted it.”

He doesn’t hesitate a bit in answering, leaving Gin unable to respond for a moment. And in that one moment, he continues.

Abgere: “Well, I had planned on doing this for a while now but I didn’t because I had a friend in Vermillion who told me that things will change for the better.”

His eyes stop blinking.

Abgere: “I didn’t think anything like that would actually happen but I wanted to value his words because he was my friend.”

He says in a cold voice, devoid of emotions.

Abgere: “That friend was killed while on a mission a few nights ago, shot in the stomach by someone apparently.”

Gin looks at him in surprise.

Abgere: “I got an SOS by him that night but by the time I reached the shed he mentioned, only his dead body was present there.”

Even as he hears it loud and clear, Gin finds it hard to believe.

Gin: “Are you … talking about the Ember … Ro Garland?”

Gin asks in disbelief, to which Abgere replies in a surprised voice,

Abgere: “Oh? So you knew him? That’s a surprise.”

Gin: “He … was killed by … Ethan Kales.”

Abgere: “Ethan … Kales?”

This is the first time Abgere has heard this name.

Abgere: “Well, I’ll remember that name. After all, he’s my only target except the 10 Hellfires and the Phoenix.”

Abgere says as he grabs the hair on Gin’s head.

Abgere: “You have outstayed your welcome in this world.”

He says as he lights his head on fire and chops his other arm off. Ignoring all his cries of pain, Abgere looks straight into Gin’s eyes.

Abgere: “DIE!!!”


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