Arc 2: Chapter 6: Rome Residence

There is a two-storey house with an air of luxury around it. It looks to be owned by a rich family, named Chesham. However, last night, some really terrible news came to the nearby police station. Bodies of all the residents of the house save one was found hanging by the ceiling, all bruised and cut in different places, which showed that different methods of torture were used on them. The one resident of the house who wasn’t found hanging to the ceiling was lying on the ground with a knife, the reason that she had ended up dying, stuck to her chest.

It is suspected that someone killed all of them for revenge against something. For a family as rich and powerful as them, it is a believable cover-up. The real story, that the clues lead to, seem to indicate something much more terrible.  They indicate that Anna Chesham, the woman found dead with a knife on her heart, was responsible for so brutally killing all her family members. After that, she died by a heart-stab. Why did she kill them? Who stabbed her? And why? These are what the task force’s real questions are?

And as the task force wonders about all of that, they see a man sitting at a bench by the street, alone and looking like a suspicious individual. He isn’t acting suspicious or something like that but he just looks like he wants to kill someone.

This man has a muscular build with a square face and a straight nose. His downturned-aquamarine eyes are glowing with rage and his skin is colored like a marshmallow which makes the darkness in his eyes ever more visible. In short, he looks dangerous.

According to the data the task force has gathered, Anna Chesham was the fiancée of this man, Gabriel Washington. His rage would have been justified, had it just been on her murder. But his rage seemed to be on something else, something that the cops have no idea about. His rage is on the Vampire Kingdom.

However, regardless of how dangerous he looks, the cops have a job to do. And so, two of them step forward and walk towards him. He doesn’t react in any way at all as he sees them coming. As they step in front of him, one of them says,

Cop: “We have a question for you, Mr. Washington.”

Gabriel: “Oh? What a coincidence! I have a question for you too.”

He says as turns his head to the cop who had asked the question and asks, in a calm voice, the voice that meant the coming of a storm,

Gabriel: “Do you work for The Vampire Kingdom?”

The cops frown as they hear his question.

Cop: “Is everything alright with you, sir?”

One of them asks, thinking of the possibility that the death of his in-laws and his fiancée might have affected his mental health. But,

Gabriel: “Your heartbeat didn’t increase.”

He says as he points out the sign of someone not lying, which he had picked up on from his aura-reading.

Gabriel: “You live another day!”

He says and smiles as if something genuinely good has happened to him. He gets up and before the cop could say anything,

Gabriel: “If you ever meet a vampire and find out that I haven’t lost my mind here, I want you to tell them this -”

He looks at the cop as if he is looking at an innocent and ignorant child, and says,



A figure of a man with a devil’s mask stands in the rain. His real name is unknown, sold and forgotten long ago. At present, he is only known by the name ‘Abgere’. What this name means, most people don’t know. But he knows, and his friend Ro Garland did, and that’s enough for him.

Even if he did have some interest in telling people his name’s meaning, who would he tell? The only man he ever converse to, the last friend he had left in the world, was killed a few days ago by a man named Ethan Kales.

Therefore, he now has no one left in the world to talk to.

He has no one left in the world to care about.

He has no one left in the world to share his problems with.

He has no one left in the world to stop him from giving up his humanity.

Therefore, there is no longer a reason to not dawn the mask of the devil. There is no longer a reason to not start the clean-up. There is no longer a reason to not fulfill what he believes to be his life’s purpose.

And so, in order to fulfill that purpose, he now knocks on the door of a Hellfire.

Knock! Knock!

It takes a while after his knocking but the door does open. It is opened by a girl in her teens, about 14-16 years of age who says as she looks at him,

Girl: “Yes?”

She asks in a polite tone of voice, a voice that didn’t have the respect one shows another from the heart, but has the respect one is trained by their elders to show despite their feelings.

Abgere: “I am a friend of Julius Rome.”

Abgere lies in a plain tone as he takes the name of the owner of the house and one of the 9 remaining Hellfires. He states plainly the name of his target.

Girl: “What business do you have with father?”

She says in an anxious voice to which, the man wearing the devil’s mask answers calmly,

Abgere: “I just want to meet my friend.”

He tries to speak in a sweet voice so as to not frighten the kid or anything, which doesn’t help much because of his face being covered by a devil’s mask.

Girl: “Father is busy right now. He said to turn any visitors away.”

The girl says while looking down in anxiety and a bit of fear. She feels like there’s something threatening about the man standing at her door.

Abgere: “Hah!”

He sighs as he sees the girl stubbornly refusing to let him in or call her father.

Abgere: “Your father is in debt to me.”

Seeing that that kind of lies won’t work, he chooses a better one as he says so with a bit of scorn as he lowers his face to look, from the face of the devil, directly into the girl’s eyes.

Abgere: “If you don’t call him here or he refuses to come, there will be consequences.”

A calm voice says so to the girl and she finds herself shaking in fear to it. She slowly steps back while keeping her gaze on Abgere and her mouth agape. She doesn’t find the courage in herself to say anything as she then starts running to a closed room just a gallery away.

Using that time, Abgere invites himself into the house and casually sits on the sofa near the door after closing it, closing the knob, the closing the handle, closing every way to get out of the house.


A pecan-brown-skinned muscular man in his early 40s sits on his chair, naked, except the towel around his lower portions. He looks at the clock with an annoyed expression as he taps his foot on the floor repeatedly. However, he finds himself at the verge of losing his patience as he has waited for about 30 minutes by now. So, he gets up from the chair, briskly walks up to the door of the bathroom and kicks it hard enough for a yelp to come out from the person inside.

Then, in an angry voice, Julius Rome says,

Julius: “It’s been a freaking half an hour, bitch! Get your ass out here!”

He shouts at the woman who has occupied his bathroom for half an hour now.

Julius: “I’m not paying you to use my shower!”

He shouts at her from outside and the woman can only meekly say in response,

Woman: “Y-yes, p-please forgive me!”

Julius: “Tsk!”

He clicks his tongue in annoyance and knocks on the door with his leg once again as he says,

Julius: “Do you know who you are talking to, bitch!? I don’t forgive. I make a person repent. Now get your ass over here so you can repent.”

He shouts at the woman who just meekly jumps inside the bathroom and starts closing the shower in fright. Then,

Knock! Knock!

Girl: “Daddy! Someone has come to meet you!”

The voice of the girl who was too afraid to think anything comes and,

Julius: “Tsk!”

He clicks his tongue yet again and walks over to the closed door that connects his bedroom to the rest of the house. He opens it, looks at his panicked daughter and,


He hits her hard enough for her to get thrown on the ground.

Julius: “Alexa, did I or did I not tell you to turn anyone who comes looking for me away?”

He asks in a scornful voice and Alexa just holds her right cheek, which has grown red, and says,

Alexa: “B-but t-that man …”

Julius: “Hah!”

He sighs in exasperation before she could finish and,

Julius: “Get up!”

He says in a voice that clearly shows that he is holding back his anger. His daughter obeys his orders and gets up. And then,


She gets hit on her other cheek. That cheek too ends up growing red. Droplets start falling down her eyes and his father sees it,

Julius: “Bloody drama queen!”

He says as he walks around in anger and then kicks Alexa’s stomach.

Alexa: “Agh!!!”

She screeches in pain. Julius, seeing that, only gets annoyed further. He then says,

Julius: “Go offer whoever has come to meet me some hospitality. I’ll be coming in a while.”

He says, walking back into his bedroom, and closing the door. Alexa then gets up, tears falling down her cheeks and both her cheeks red, the 15-year-old pecan-brown-skinned girl with cute features walks over to where their guest has seated himself.

As she walks away from the bedroom, she can hear, coming from the bedroom, the shouts of a woman accompanied by various sounds of hard impact happening against skin, i.e., the voices of slaps, kicks and punches. Eventually those voices dies down and the voice of painful moans of a woman start coming to her ears, along with the cursing voice of her father.

Alexa: “Tsk!”

She clicks her tongue, as that is the only thing she can do.


Abgere casually sits on the sofa. If he wasn’t wearing his devil mask, he may just look like a normal person. However, he IS wearing that mask, and for a reason. He can see Alexa walking up to the room where his father is supposed to be and then knocking on the door and saying something. He can’t hear what she said but he can guess.

Abgere: “Well, that should take care of that.”

He says, but just as he does, he finds himself surprised. The man, Julius Rome, does step out of the room and sees his daughter’s shaking figure but instead of calming her down, he slaps her hard enough for her to fall down. Seeing that, Abgere’s whole body shakes for a bit as he says,

Abgere: “Hah! Like hell would it take care of anything!? Had I forgotten who this asshole is? He is a freaking Hellfire! And even worse maybe!”

He chides himself for being too naïve.

He sees that Julius tells his daughter to get up and then slaps her again to throw her back down. Then, he walks around and kicks her stomach. With elbows on the sofa’s arms and his hands gently placed on each other, he shakes with contempt as he looks at that revolting scene.

He soon sees that the man went inside the room and the girl seems to be walking back towards him.

Abgere: “Poor girl!”

He remarks while there is no one to listen and then,

Abgere: “Alexa Rome, RIGHT?”

He says loud enough for her to hear and grabs her attention. He then motions her with his hands to come over. The girl meekly drops her shoulders, looks down and comes to him. Just by seeing that, he can tell that this girl hasn’t been treated very well by her parents.

Abgere: “Is your father coming?”

He asks in a cold voice, as to take care of the business first.

Alexa: “Y-yes!”

She meekly replies.

Abgere: “I see. Then have a seat. Please keep me company until he’s here.”

He says to the girl. Whether she interprets it as a request or an order, it’s up to her but Abgere says so in a clear and plain voice. The girl seats herself in the sofa facing his and keeps looking down.

As he looks at that girl, at the daughter of a Hellfire, he sees a poor soul who was treated less as a human being and more as a punching bag.

Abgere: “Can I ask you a few questions?”

He says that in a calm and plain voice and the girl first looks at him in a bit of surprise, and then nods.

Abgere: “Do you know what your father does for a living?”

He asks plainly.

Alexa: “He hasn’t told me everything but, he works for a tech firm named Vermillion and … has a really important position there.”

She says in a frightened and elusive voice.

Abgere: “I see. What about your mother?”

Alexa: “My mother?”

She looks at him in confusion and a bit of irritation. To which, he just plainly replies.

Abgere: “Yes, your mother. What does she do?”

Hearing that question, she gulps, tries to collect herself, and says,

Alexa: “I am told that I was given birth to by a woman that Daddy once slept with. That woman’s name and who she was is irrelevant as she died after leaving the responsibility to raise me to Daddy.”

As she says that, the vortex of emotions inside her finally erupts and she is unable to hold herself back from crying. Abgere can clearly understand from that that Alexa wants to know more about her mother and feels sad for her but she is never told anything else by her father and can do nothing about it.

Abgere: “I see.”

And so, just like the girl is trying to, he suppresses all his emotions and answers in a plain voice, sparing her the pity that will only increase her sadness.

Abgere: “Tell me,”

He asks as he shifts himself from a sitting position to having both hands at his legs and leaning forward to level with her height.

Abgere: “What is your father doing right now?”

He asks a question that he is almost certain about knowing the answer of. And so, going by if his assumption is right, he is asking a cruel question, a very cruel question.

Alexa: “He is … he is …”

She is unable to finish her reply again and stops even trying to reply. That, in itself, was enough of a reply that told him what that man was doing.

Abgere: “I see.”

And then, the door to the bedroom opens up again and a man comes out in proper clothing, unlike the previous time when he had nothing but a towel on his lower half. It is stupid to even question who this man might be.

Julius: “What? Who is it?”

He says as he looks at his daughter, who immediately gets off the sofa she was sitting on. As he comes near her, the first thing he does is punches her in her face, throwing her down.

Julius: “Why the heck were you just sitting here!? Why didn’t you offer our guest anything?”

He yells in an angry voice.

Alexa: “I-I’m sorry!”

She replies, trying to hold back the cries and the shaking of her body but,

Julius: “Of course you are, you swine!”

He says as he kicks her at her pelvis once, and then again, and again, and again, and again. He kicks her so much he starts feeling his legs have gotten heavier.

Julius: “What the heck is with these legs now!?”

He yells in anger to which,

Abgere: “It is fine, Mr. Rome. I didn’t really come here for hospitality.”

Sitting on the sofa, with no reaction as to everything that just happened in front of him, Abgere finally speaks something and in a calm and plain voice as well. Hearing him,

Julius: “It’s kind of you to say that but this brat-”

He stops mid-sentence as he turns to look at the man sitting on the sofa, and freezes up for a moment. The devil masked killer of his fellow Hellfire is in his house, sitting on his sofa and watching everything as if some kind of god writing down a person’s karma for the sake of passing down the correct judgment on Doomsday.

Julius: “What … are you doing here?”

He asks cautiously. And to that,

Abgere: “Deciding your final verdict, for all the sins that you have done.”

He says without any reaction at all, in a calm and collected voice. In response, Julius clicks his tongue and,

Julius: “Ha! Ha! HAHAHAHA!!!”

He starts laughing arrogantly and casually walks back towards his bedroom while dragging Alexa along by holding her from her hair. The girl writhes in pain but his father does not care. Abgere gets up and follows slowly behind.

Julius: “You are quite the joker, aren’t you, Abgere?”

He says sarcastically as he turns to look at Abgere. The devil gives no response.

Julius: “Hey! Uh, what’s her name … oh yeah, Marissa!”

He calls out to the woman in his bedroom to come out. But as she doesn’t immediately do so, he lets go of Alexa and walks back into the room. A voice of ‘THUD’ comes, as if something or someone hit the wall and immediately afterwards, Julius walks out with Marissa following behind, holding her head in pain and looking down.

Julius: “Yeah, so … bitch, meet this guy!”

He points at Abgere as he looks at Marissa. She knows enough to not defy anything he says by this point and so immediately looks at him as instructed.

Julius: “His name is Abgere. This is the guy who killed a Hellfire named Gin Hanks.”

He says while chuckling.

Julius: “You remember how I beat you up last night. It was because of this guy that I had become so angry.”

He says while chuckling.

Julius: “And now that I remembered that, where are all the marks I left on you yesterday? Let’s show our guest the amazing fruits of his labor that were given to you, instead of him, because of his absence.”

He says in an annoyed and giggly tone. Marissa meekly replies,

Marissa: “T-That wasn’t me.”

Julius: “Eh?”

Julius frowns and bashes Marissa’s head in the wall. Then he goes on to press his hands on her head enough for her to start continuously shrieking in pain because of it.

Julius: “What the heck does that mean, you bitch!?”

He asks in an irritated voice.


She screams in pain as she says,


She screams in pain as Julius lets her go.

Julius: “Oh right! Sorry about that, bitch! You should have reminded me sooner.”

He says in an overly-excited voice and then looks back at Abgere.

Julius: “You know … I’m not the type of guy who is satisfied with one ass. I need more than one at a time.”

He says while he looks at Abgere with a bit of a taunting smile.

Julius: “So my most recent ones are Marissa, that bitch hugging the wall like the horny slut that she is,”

He says while he points at Marissa, who has fallen to her knees, as she barely keeps herself standing by holding the wall. And as Abgere turns his eyes to Marissa, Julius moves back to the wall at the other side and puts up a hand on the top of the wall, which reveals itself to be a white cover instead of an actual wall.

Julius: “And this right here is Whitney!”

He says with a smile as he brings the cloth down, revealing an aquarium of fishes and blood. And in between them, there is a naked woman, a dead woman.

Julius: “See? Isn’t it fantastic?”

He says with a smile akin to that of a psychopath doing his favorite thing in life. And then, having seen all that, Abgere merely sighs, stretches his limbs and asks in a calm voice,

Abgere: “You ready to die yet?”

Hearing that, Julius stops laughing and looks at him, with a big frown.

Julius: “I wanted to ask the same damn thing.”

He says as he tightens his fists and just as he does that, as an application of psychokinesis called magnet manipulation is applied; all the steel objects attract themselves towards Abgere. Within those objects, there are knives, swords, blades and many more.

However, Abgere just shrugs and says,

Abgere: “That was stupid of you!”

He arrogantly sighs and pulls his hand back, and with the same magnet manipulation, ends up putting a big knife through Julius’ knees.

Julius: “AAAHHH!!!”

As Julius loses his focus, all the metals fall down on the ground.


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