Arc 2


After forming ‘the third faction’ of the war, Kais, Sona, Ethan and Sneha plan to find the Psychic Library to get the answers to the questions that plague their lives. However, at the same time, a mysterious personality starts killing high-ranking officials of Vermilion one-by-one. On the other hand, the Vampire Kingdom finally begins making its move, under the orders of their strategist.

What would happen when all these factions, with their different motives, ideals and goals, clash with each other head-on in this war that is finally about to begin. Will the world be able to sustain it, or will it fall?



Chapter 1: Reminiscing

Chapter 2: Abgere

Chapter 3: Sparrow

Chapter 4: Monolid Black

Chapter 5: “I’m Okay!

Chapter 6: Rome Residence

Chapter 7: A Good Name

Chapter 8: One Rain, Two Storms

Chapter 9: Homecoming

Chapter 10: Docks On Fire!

Chapter 11: When Do People Smile?

Chapter 12: A Bottle Of Crimson

Chapter 13: Sacrifice Of The Church

Chapter 14: A Dance In Darkness

Chapter 15: Strategies And Threats

Chapter 16: Gambit

Chapter 17: Scrying

Chapter 18: Two Demis

Chapter 19:  Black Smoke

Chapter 20: Those Who Stare At The Flames

Chapter 21: The Bond Known As Hatred

Chapter 22: A Lone Pebble

Chapter 23: The Pieces Move, The Board Enlarges

Chapter 24: Those Who Seek Something

Chapter 25: Black And White

Chapter 26: When A Dark Marble Got Darker

Chapter 27: The Foolishness of a Brave, The Courage of a Fool

Chapter 28: Beauty Of The Neverending Night

Chapter 29: The Conference Of Shock And Poison

Chapter 30: Mortifer Psychica And Mortifer Moribus

Chapter 31: Before The Battle 1

Chapter 32: Before The Battle 2

Chapter 33: Before The Battle 3